But he had a single fault they just could not overlook.

He nevertheless has it. And he's nonetheless in search of a girl who will marry him.

* * * There is certainly no greater barrier to pleasant private and company relations than halitosis (unpleasant breath). It truly is the unforgivable social fault.

The insidious factor about it is that the victim by no means knows when he has it. And in some cases a fantastic friend won't tell him. The matter is as well delicate to discuss . Nobody can safely assume freedom from halitosis. Everyday in even normal mouths, situations capable of causing bad breath are likely to arise. Among its most common sources are defective or decaying teeth, unclean dentures, pyorrhea, catarrh, and infections in the oral cavity. Also, excesses of consuming and drinking.

The 1 way of placing your breath beyond suspicion, to ensure that you know it does not offend others, would be to use full strength Listerine as a mouth wash and gargle watches fakes . Just about every morning and each and every night. And involving occasions prior to meeting other folks. Listerine ends halitosis for the reason that it's a germicide* which allays fermentation and checks infection,-each a cause of odors. It's also a fast deodorant and counteracts odors as soon as they arise. Keep Listerine handy in dwelling and workplace. And carry it with you after you travel. It can be as considerably a part of the fastidious person's toilet as the tooth brush. Lambert Pharmacal Co., St. Louis, Mo.

*While secure to make use of full strength in any body cavity, Listerine is an active germicide which kills even the resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (pus) and Bacillus Typhosus (typhoid) germs in counts ranging to 200,000,000 in 15 seconds. (Fastest killing time accurately recorded by science.)

He wants to get married (Sep, 1930)

He desires to get married

WHEN Smedley came East to take a significant job as Sales Manager, he wanted to get married. Like his father and his grandfather he believed in early marriage; said it settled a man, kept him out of mischief, helped to produce him prosperous in organization. In addition to, living alone inside a New York apartment was a quite forlorn kind of practical experience. Yes, it was time he was married.

So Smedley began wearing his heart on his sleeve, and taking a look at each new girl using a crucial eye.

There was a single from Boston-the sister of a company associate. She was vivacious, pretty, and capable. And when she 1st met Smedley, welcomed his attentions. Smedley was instantaneously attracted ; grew fond of her and was about to propose marriage when the girl suddenly produced it plain that she was no longer keen on seeing him. It was a blow. He put her out of his thoughts high quality replica omega watches .

After that there were many in whom Smedley got interested-three of them to whom he could have in fact turn into devoted if given the likelihood. A young actress from Detroit; a profitable New York company girl; and an older woman, best omega replica the widow of an aviator. All of them had been appealing adequate. Any one of them would have created Smedley a fantastic wife.

But Smedley by no means had a chance. They ordinarily saw him after or twice and then made excuses for not seeing him again. 1 by one they dropped out of his life.

Yet fake watches , fundamentally, the man was attractive-good husband material. His buoyancy, his vigor, his charm, his accomplishment, had been qualities not located in everyday men.

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